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Solutions That Eliminates Odors and Bacteria

  • ✔ 100% Natural & Non-Toxic Cleaning Products

  • ✔ 100x More Effective Than Bleach

  • ✔ Proven to Kill Most Viruses

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Are you tired of compromising your family's safety with toxic cleaning solutions?

You're not alone. Many homeowners face the same challenges.
At Clean Fight Distribution, we believe you deserve a truly clean home, We stand for safer, smarter cleaning solutions and natural disinfectants that protect your loved ones and the planet.

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Surface Cleanser

  • Replacement for the everyday
  • chemical cleansers
  • Kitchen countertops
  • Bathrooms
  • Nursery/Changing table
  • Used in humidifiers/Air-cleaning systems
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Medical Solutions

  • Cuts and scratches
  • Insect bites
  • stings
  • Sunburns
  • Irritations
  • Dry Skin
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Veterinary Solutions

  • Ear and Eye Wash
  • Wound and Skin irritations
  • Coat Grooming Solution
  • Post-surgical sites and lacerations
  • Navel and umbilical cleaning
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Hand, Skin and Face Care

  • Ear and Eye Wash
  • Wound and Skin irritations
  • Coat Grooming Solution
  • Post-surgical sites and lacerations
  • Navel and umbilical cleaning
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How We Help You Achieve True Cleanliness:

At Clean Fight Distribution, we specialize in providing you with commercial-grade, natural and non-toxic HOCL cleaning products that are safe, green, and highly effective. 

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Discover the Difference:

  • Choose Eco-Friendly, Commercial-Grade Cleaning
  • Simplify Your Cleaning Routine
  • Protect Your Loved Ones

    With Clean Fight Distribution by your side, you can trust us to guide you towards a cleaner, safer, and more sustainable home environment.

Here’s What Our Clients Have To Say…

“Clean Fight Products have been a game changer for me and my family! I work in the medical field and bringing home “germs” is always on my radar. I was looking for something chemical free yet strong enough to disinfect. I found this with Clean Fight! I also use it in my laundry to clean sweaty clothes and dirty shoes. Our family LOVES it!”

- Hillary M.

How It Works:

  • Click "Buy Now" and choose your desired organic products.

  • Mix our products according to instructions for your specific cleaning needs.

  • Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a truly clean and safe environment.

Here’s how it works:

At Clean Fight Distribution, we believe you shouldn't have to expose yourself or your loved ones to harmful chemicals just to achieve cleanliness. We understand the guilt and uncertainty that comes with using toxic cleaning products.

Our mission is to offer you a safer, smarter, and more sustainable way to clean your home. We stand for the transformation of cleaning routines into something that truly works for you, not against you.

Step 1: Choose Your Clean Fight All-Purpose Cleaner
Step 2: Use as Directed for Your Cleaning Needs
Step 3: Enjoy Peace of Mind with a Truly Clean Home

So, take the first step towards a cleaner, safer home environment. Explore our eco-friendly household products and experience the difference with Clean Fight Distribution.