TULSA, Okla. (KOKI) — This summer, armyworms are invading lawns across Green Country.

Some Tulsa firefighters figured out the disinfectant spray they have been using to fight COVID-19, also kills these pests.

The firefighters started a side business called Clean Fight, where they’re using an EPA-tested disinfectant to combat several issues this summer.

The armyworms have been killing green yards across Oklahoma. Valerie Grogan says, “One day the yard was green, and the next day the yard was brown. It took 24 hours, and our whole yard was dead.”

She says the caterpillar-like creatures where everywhere; “They came up through the ground like aliens, and it was kind of a horrifying thing.”

Keith Hickson, with Clean Fight, says it’s clear where these pests make their mark. He and some other firefighters have been using a natural, organic disinfectant throughout the pandemic to help keep surfaces safe and clean. They realized that same spray, also kills the armyworms in minutes.