CLEAN FIGHT was created by firefighters to keep the public safe & prepared for the hazards of this world.

As firefighters, we are passionate about helping people.

And our field response work over the past 50 years has required innovation, quick thinking and figuring out the best, most effective ways to solve problems in emergency situations. One of our most utilized assets over the years, whether for biosecurity in the fire station, disinfecting all of our surfaces, and even for wound care, has been what we bring to you as Clean Fight Disinfectant.

During the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 we found applications for Clean Fight in ways beyond what we traditionally used it for,

because we continued to discover just how effective AND safe the product is, in addition to its wide range of approved uses.

“For example, we had several instances of direct exposure to the virus. It’s something we couldn’t exactly escape, because emergency situations required response, no matter what, and we are committed to helping people regardless of their health status. I used Clean Fight daily in my own personal Covid defense. We put it in a diffuser in our house to keep the air we breathed healthy and pathogen-free, I sprayed down my equipment, gear and all of the surfaces I came into contact with. I never contracted Covid.” -Keith, Retired Tulsa Firefighter

We quickly realized and started finding all kinds of uses for our product, from first aid applications, to spraying it in our gardens to ward off unwanted pests, to cleaning our backyard pools; pretty much you name it, it works as a safe and effective disinfectant.

“I even spray it on myself as an anti-itch treatment after a weekend spent outdoors with the mosquitos.”

After so much use and so much success we decided it was time to put our product out there for the world to use.

We know it’s proven safety and effectiveness and are excited to see the almost infinite ways it can be used by others.